Fabricated Parts Kit for Drift Trike Industrial


My original industrial style design, now available as a build kit!   More info...

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You may have already purchased the build plans for the Drift Trike Industrial, and have decided that a build kit is the right choice for you. Well, you've come to the right place...this is the facbricated parts kit for the Drift Trike Industrial. All other kits offered online through eBay or other sites are not authorized - their parts may not go together properly, and their kits do not include tubular handlebar and foot rest components necessary for your build.

Don't have the build plans, but you already know you want to build the Drift Trike Industrial using the kit? No worries, the build plans are included when you buy the kit, and will be available for immediate download upon purchase. If you don't have the plans and wish to check it out first before building, you can purchase just the plans here.

The kit is available in 6 different design themes(the decorative cutouts in the center of the parts). Please specify which design theme (circles, clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades, or hexagons) you wish to purchase using the drop-down menu in the cart. Examples of each design are shown in the gallery above.

Note that BaumBuilds provides CNC (Computer Numerical Control) plasma cut parts, and some de-burring/clean-up of the parts will be required. The parts will be coated with a light oil to minimize rusting, although some minor surface rust may be present. Sanding, degreasing, and painting are the responsibility of the builder. Of course you can customize your paint job as you wish! You can add flames, stripes, skulls, pinstripes, your favorite sports team logo, military logos, camouflage, business logos, etc. It can be powder-coated, metal flake, clear coat, or you can show off your airbrush skills.

The kit will contain the individual parts shown in the gallery photo above, shipped in a cardboard box. The Hexagon design theme is shown, but all 6 design themes are available.

Once you weld the pieces together during your build, the result is the weldment/assembly shown in the gallery above. The kit will not be welded together. You must weld it.

Please note that the kit does not contain all the components necessary to build the complete trike. You will also need to purchase many other components. Those components are identified in the Build Plans. The total build cost of the Drift Trike Industrial is approximately $1,296 (including the cost of your kit).

Lead times for delivery of the kit will vary based on current back log, but will typically run 2 weeks. Your kit will arrive via UPS Ground. Before your kit is shipped, it will be checked carefully to ensure that all parts are included and in the correct quantities. Once shipped, you will be emailed a tracking number. When your kit arrives, you will have 72 hours to open the package, and confirm that all parts are present and undamaged. If any parts are missing or damaged, they will be replaced free of charge if reported within 72 hours. After 72 hours, there will be a charge for missing or damaged components. You will be given a paper checklist/BOM (shown in the gallery above) with shipment. Use this checklist to ensure you have received all parts in the appropriate quantities.

Once shipped, you will be emailed a tracking number to monitor your shipment. Your kit will arrive in 1 cardboard package in the approximate dimension shown in the gallery photo above. Approximate weight of the shipment is 67 pounds. A signature will be required from the courier to confirm that you received your package.

If you have any additional questions about the Drift Trike Industrial kit, contact Al.

Don't forget to pick up some replacement PVC sleeves here!


  • Comes with the fabricated parts required to build the Drift Trike Industrial!
  • Designed for street use, where legal. Please be safe!
  • Welding required to build.
  • Difficulty: Medium


  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Thickness: 11-ga (~1/8-in)

Shipping Details:

  • Lead Time: 2 weeks
  • Package Dimensions: 21 in. L x 57 in. W x 3 in. H
  • Package Weight: 67 lb.
  • Shipping Method: UPS Ground
  • Signature Required: YES

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