About BaumBuilds

Welcome to BaumBuilds.com. My name is Al Baum. I am an inventor and mechanical engineer. This website is intended to share my inventions and interests with others. My niche is designing and building vehicles, then making build plans that fully document my designs so that others can duplicate them. Most vehicles are specifically designed to be built without expensive machine shop tools. Although a lathe and milling machine would be useful, only my most advanced designs require this equipment in order to be fabricated. A lot of work goes into the production of the build plans, yet I offer them at a reasonable price.

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My Inventions

This website highlights my vehicle designs. My vehicle line-up is 11 strong and growing, with more designs in the works. Most of my inventions are fun, and unconventional! Along with the design and construction of my vehicles, I like to create a demonstration video to feature each vehicle or invention. In addition to the videos, more recently I have been creating a brand for each vehicle, complete with a logo just for the fun of it. You can browse through my inventions and purchase the build plans in the Products section. Each invention page will also contain general information, photos, and a demonstration video.

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Extra Content

My inventions and I have appeared on the History Channel's auction show Sold!, and on Insight TV's series Power & Tech. I also premiered the MAV Tracked Electric Wheelchair and the Bolt-Together Drift Trike at the 2018 Orlando Maker Faire. You can find a link to view the Power & Tech trailer, see lost video clips, view builds of my inventions by others, and more in the Extras section of this website.

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What's next for BaumBuilds?

​You can get a hint on the new things I am working on in my Next Up page. You can also email me at BAUMAIL2000@YAHOO.COM if you have a suggestion for my next design or build, have any other suggestions, or would like to submit pictures of your build on my Extras page. If you are interested in buying build plans, you can get information by clicking the Build Plans button below. In addition to inventions, there are other things on this site that might interest you. So go ahead…take a look around.

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