BaumBuilds By Others

This page is a showcase of the builds by others who have made their own creations using my build plans as a guide, and is dedicated to the skill, craftsmanship, and creativity of fellow engineers, mechanics, craftsmen, hobbyists, and tinkerers. Enjoy!


This is a Drift Trike Industrial build done by Brian. He went with this slick blackout theme, which really looks great! Brian is no stranger to making, having appeared in an issue of Make: Magazine with his Tot-Size Tank, which you can check out here!.

Brian is also co-authoring a book. Entitled Mechanical Engineering for Makers, it's a book for those that have a passion for making mechanical things (or making them better), whether you're an engineer or not. It is for all of the backyard- and garage-tinkerers with great ideas that just need a bit more information to go from the back-of-a-napkin concept to a successful finished product.

The book will be out very soon, but you can pre-order the book on Amazon.


Above is a PTV built by Eric. This PTV features a 16 HP V-twin engine with electric start. Eric upgraded to needle bearings in the track guide rollers to reduce noise and provide a smoother guide system. He plans to add a reverse gear later. Nice work!


Featured above is a Drift Trike Industrial built by Shane. As you can see Shane went a little different route with the front end, incorporating a 20" fat tire with a standard front fork and handlebars. He welded 22ga plate behind the clubs so that he could paint them black. The motor has been "hopped" up and is putting out around 9-9.5 hp. Great build, Shane!


This next build is a Magic Carpet by Jason. It looks like he stuck closely to the build plans. The addition of the front bumper is a great idea, and I love the red color. Great build Jason!


Aaron recently built not only one, but TWO Drift Trike Industrials! Here are his creations that he calls, "Panzer" & "Captain Drift." Great paint schemes and creativity. Awesome ape hangers and peanut tank. Aaron and his son won first prize with these awesome builds in the 2018 Marshall County Indiana Blueberry Festival Parade.


Here is a PTV and a Drift Trike Industrial in-progress that were both built by Mike. Great looking builds, and I can't wait to see the finished DTI.


Above is a gallery of all submissions that I only got one or two pictures for, not enough to fill a gallery on their own. Less pictures doesn't mean less quality, though - these are some great builds!

Thanks for viewing these great builds! If you have a BaumBuild you would like to showcase, please send me an email: BAUMAIL2000@YAHOO.COM.