This is where I keep all of my other extra content that doesn't fit neatly into anywhere else on the site. I get up to a lot, so feel free to have a look around.


BaumBuilds by Others

This page is a showcase of the builds by others who have made their own creations using my build plans as a guide, and is dedicated to the skill, craftsmanship, and creativity of fellow engineers, mechanics, craftsmen, hobbyists, and tinkerers. Enjoy!

Check out community builds of my inventions... 


Lost Videos

This page features lost video clips (and sometimes original takes of the official demonstration videos) that didn't make the cut, as well as the trailer for Power & Tech. It might also have some additional behind-the-scenes images and videos from product video shoots or other goodies.

Watch one of my lost videos... 


Other Inventions

This page features some of my other inventions, vehicle and non-vehicle alike. It may also have some additional content for vehicles featured elsewhere on the site. Take a look!

Check out some of my other inventions...