MAV Build Plans


An off-road wheelchair you can make yourself, for far less than the cost of the leading competitor's chair.   More info...

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The MAV is a tracked electric wheelchair that is designed specifically to help those with limited mobility get back to the outdoors. And you can build it yourself using our exclusive build plans. And even better, you can build this chair for about half the cost of commercially available track chairs.

Don’t think you can build one? Well, I bet you can. The MAV was designed to be 100% bolt-together when purchasing our Fabricated Parts kit. Included in the build plans are easy to follow drawings plus links to on-line instructional videos that walk you through the build process with me building the MAV right along with you.

Don’t want to buy a kit? No problem, the plans include all drawings, dxf flat pattern files,so you can build the parts yourself and save even more money. The plans also include part numbers with sources for all purchased components such as track, motors, etc. If fabricating the parts yourself, there will be some welding required.

Why this approach? Two reasons. First… By trading your time for money, you can build this chair for half of what you can buy one for.

Secondly… I believe America is losing the desire and ability to work with our hands. And as such, our children are losing a valuable skill that is usually passed down through generations. Cars can’t be worked on anymore, and most products today are disposable. I want us to get our hands dirty again, and experience the appreciation that comes from creating and building.

I envision people coming together to build a chair for someone in their family or community. Perhaps a disabled veteran who wants to get back to the outdoors to do some hunting or fishing, or just going for a walk through the woods with their children or grandchildren. There is an opportunity here to teach fundraising, organization and planning skills, meet new people, experience teamwork, and learn basic mechanical and electrical skills. The MAV would make an excellent church group project, trade, Vo-Tech school or high school shop project, or father son, father daughter or family project.

The MAV has an easy in-easy out design that utilizes a butt-following seat with air-bag suspension, a flip-down footrest, and convenient grab handles to help you board your MAV. The MAV also features a cargo rack, tow hitch, cup holder, and is the only wheelchair in the world with a tailgate.


  • Designed for off-road use
  • 100% bolt-together design (if purchasing a Fabricated Parts Kit)
  • Or, fabricate the parts yourself (some welding required)
  • Difficulty: Low if purchasing a Fabricated Parts Kit, Medium if fabricating yourself.
  • Instructional videos on YouTube guide you through every step of the build process!
  • Flip-down footrest and flip-up seat with suspension
  • On-board battery charger


  • Electrical System: 24 VDC
  • Ground Clearance: 7.4 in
  • Ground Pressure: 1.64 psi (with 200 lb rider)
  • Height: 56.1 in
  • Length: 52.1 in
  • Propulsion: Two 24-volt High-Torque Gearmotors
  • Seat Height: 23 in
  • Top Speed: up to 3 mph
  • Turning Radius: Zero
  • Weight: 577 lbs
  • Width: 44.4 in

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